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Voice Of Truth magazine

Women World Leaders have done it now...I'm in the


There are SOOO many voices these days! There are voices on social media, news, and magazines at the checkout line in the grocery know, by the candy. Voices of smut are easy to come by. But what about a voice of truth?

Tadaaahhh! I'm happy to present to you Women World Leaders magazine, Voice Of Truth!

It's completely uplifting, and you don't have to sell a kidney to afford it! It's FREE if you want to read it digitally! Or for a monthly donation, get your own paper copy to enjoy with some bon bons and your favorite beverage next to the pool. THAT'S unrealistic! Let me try again...get your own paper copy to enjoy as you lock yourself in the bathroom with a box of donuts while thanking God for a moment without interruption. 

Check out the rest of the website since there's so much cool stuff to see!


Share this with every woman in your life. If you're really bold, talk to your local grocery store manager and ask for Voice Of Truth to be added to their shelves!

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